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Dr. L. Mike Nayak is an expert in Facial Plastic Surgery and in giving your facial structure a natural balance.

A Chin Implant or Chin Augmentation procedure is a common procedure used to achieve facial balance in people who have weak chins. Sometimes a weak chin is the result of genetics, other times it is caused by aging or facial trauma. It is very common for the rest of the face, especially the nose, to look larger in those with weak chins. Additionally, many people with weak chins will experience skin laxity under the chin or jaw, which can lead to the appearance of a "double chin."

Chin Implants in St. Louis are often performed in conjunction with Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) or Face Lift and are performed less commonly with other procedures such as Brow Lift (Forehead Lift), Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty),Cheek Implant, or Fat Transfer. With Rhinoplasty in particular, chin augmentation can provide the proper balance for a prominent nose, especially on a profile view. In the case of Face Lifts, a chin implant provides the necessary support structure for loose skin under the jaw area for those who have weak chins resulting in greater skin laxity under the jaw.

Cosmetic and plastic surgeon in St. Louis use chin implants made from surgical-grade silicone and solid and do not leak. They can last a lifetime. Additionally, they are reversible and easily and safely removed, even years later if the patient chooses to do so.

Dr. Nayak performs chin implant procedures under IV Sedation, also called "twilight" sedation. This is a safe and comfortable form of anesthesia. After the procedure, most patients report mild soreness, bruising and swelling, which generally subsides within a week.

Dr. Nayak is an expert cosmetic and plastic surgeon and is nationally known for his aesthetic eye and outstanding results in the area of facial balance and structure.Dr. Nayak treats patients from all over Missouri, including Cape Girardeau, Columbia, Kansas City and St. Louis. He also sees many patients from Illinois, Indiana and Kansas. He is routinely asked to give lectures to other surgeons around the country on his facial plastic surgery techniques.You can see before and after photos at the Nayak Plastic Surgery webpage.


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